Trump, 2017, & the direction of Christianity

January 30, 2017

From The Heart Blog


The old saying " if the head is crooked the body will wobble" definitely applies here. If you don't comprehend what this means, it's an old saying that suggests that if the head (the leader - metaphorically) isn't straight, the body (the members that collectively form the body - metaphor for people, the mass, the group, etc) won't function properly.




Many have fallen prey to the likeness of this world, when we're called to stand apart. Because of our Faith, we must remember our spiritual authority. When we look around us, we see this world is in peril. But, instead of sharing every news article, every divisive decision & executive order signed, every tweet; we should pray with the authority in us, we should pray the scriptures and intercede. Crazy as this may sound, but because we live in such a technologically advanced society, we have been given first hand insight into what needs to be prayed for and the root of every and all issues which is the distortion of truth, narcissism, hatred and malice, and the need for a proverbial heart transplant because the heart of this nation is diseased.


The world attacked Vicki Yohe for her depiction of Christ headed back into the "White House". But, while everyone debated the color of Jesus' skin and the message supposed indication that our #44 POTUS wasn't a Christian and #45 is... I got something totally different. We are at such a pivotal, political & cultural climatic point in history. One, in which many, can't recount ever being in such a position as we are now. So, what I so graciously saw through her post was that, as Christians, we, now more than ever, need to get down on our knees, humble ourselves and pray (though this isn't the only solution). Considering Christ has been slowly and [debatably] unconsciously removed, now is the time for Him to be interjected back into this Country, into our society. We can stand around and be pawns in the media world by continuing the "Divide & Conquer" tactic (which isn't just within cultures/ethnicities, but amongst the country as a unit) by the perpetual posting of "Breaking News" or we can be a positive change and get active. The depiction for me indicated not because of Trump personally, but in spite of who is in leadership, if we as Christians/Believers would collectively invoke the Power of God during duress, knowing that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, and operate spiritually to address the warfare that is amongst us, then undoubtedly the atmosphere of Christ, the breeding of His love could, would be restored. Is that too far fetch?


Moving into this season, God has continuously reminded me about the power of our words. That, as Christians, we are to bridle our tongues, take no part in the things of this world, and to intercede for all, especially those in authority. What makes this situation different? For 8 years, Pres. Barack Obama was covered in prayer, adoration, accolades, and love from one sector of our country, while the rest spewed hate. Hate that many found unnecessary and without merit. But, it started from ignorance, the incapacity to love all no matter the difference of opinions, political stance, religion, background, culture, and ethnicity. Fast forward, #45 arrives and we have become the very thing we spent the past 8 years trying to changed, and might I add - the very thing many despised.




We're comparing apples to oranges (no pun intended). We are not called to like everyone, but to love as Christ did. The love of God doesn't discriminate, but is unconditional. Truthfully, we don't have any right to judge, though that's exactly what we have been doing, while scrutinizing others for doing the same. If a person's views don't align with yours, politely remove yourself or distance yourself, but must remember love isn't dragging a person through the mud. Love isn't contingent upon the ability to agree or comprehend another's ideologies. We need a real, serious moment to SELF REFLECT. Be honest with yourself. The same way you judge them for supporting #45, the same disgust and disdain you feel is exactly what they felt and feel towards POTUS #44 . So who made you the judge and the jury? As long as we focus on the problem, we'll never begin developing a solution. We cannot feel justified in our actions simply because they did it first.


So, was I offended by the image Vicki Yohe posted... NO!!! And before you throw the #blackcardrevoked or #whiteJesuscomplex and so forth, it is her right to believe Jesus is white, blue, violet or taupe. Is that the depiction or image I worship? No, but then again, it isn't an image that I worship - PERIOD! It's His Sovereignty. Fact Check: the Garden of Eden rests on the continent of Africa. I will stop right there. Christ's skin color doesn't qualify Him more or less. His glory, His Sovereignty outshines every race, color and creed. I will not debate the race or color of His skin because its another divisive measure.


SERIOUSLY THOUGH?? How else did we expect Christ to be placed back as Sovereign? It is through turmoil and despair that God gets the victory (Romans 5). But, how can He get the glory if we're focused on the illegitimate, the perverse or the evils of this world? We are to set our sight on Christ and Christ only. It is our duty as a Christian, to rid ourselves of any and everything that interferes with our vision of Christ. One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Wilbur Chapman "Anything that dims my vision of Christ, or takes away my taste for Bible Study, or cramps my prayer life, or makes Christian work difficult is wrong for me, and I must, as a Christian, turn away from it". Turn away, but not hate. I know things around us are changing quickly, but I refuse to be moved because I know Who my Father is. A cattle on a thousand hills belong to Him. So, I will not be moved. Yet, will I trust You God. Invoke His presence, find peace in it and remain in that place of calm despite the arrows that fly by day and the terror of the night (Psalm 91:5). God was God during the term of Mr. Obama and is still God today.


So I pray now: God, You are the same God today, that You were yesterday and will be forevermore. I invoke Your presence and ask that You penetrate the hearts of all. Let Your glory reign. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Order our steps from this moment forward. Let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart be acceptable unto You. Bridle our tongues, as we  grow increasingly sensitive to the words we speak. Let us go forth in love, not treating others as we've been treated, but how we wish to be treated. Let LOVE abound today. Let LOVE take root today and spread, demolishing the hovering atmosphere of hate. Let Your Sovereignty work in those diligent enough to continue hastening to Your throne of Grace, mistake after mistake; that they may be a witness to this nation. No man is perfect, so we thank You for Your unconditional love and ask that You shower this nation with the ability to see You and seek You. Touch the minds of our leaders, small and great. Let them be vessels open to Your calling and power in the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen.



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